Reiki Lessons - A Discussion of the Levels


As it has been previously discussed, Reiki is an art that needs to be channeled to the student only by a Reiki Master (this process is called an attunement). The Master gets qualified to teach the new students after he has earned the Master Level or Master Degree. Reiki has been practiced for such a long time now especially if we are to trace its conventional roots. As it got rediscovered by a Japanese national, it became entwined into the Japanese roots. Throughout time, it traveled into several countries and pertinent changes were merged as it evolved. For now, Reiki therapy is more contemporary and at the same time versatile in nature.

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Getting to Know the Original Tradition:

 A Photograph of Dr Mikaomi Usui

The original version for which was pioneered by Dr.Usui Mikao. There are times that the terms Usui Teiki Ryoho, Reiho, and Reiki Ryoho are used too. Again, traditionally speaking, the practice entails three Reiki levels or degrees.  

The Levels Described: 

You will find below the brief discussion of the four types of levels or degrees of Reiki. The lessons as taught in these levels are also covered. You know though that the lesson format varies from one school to another or from one Master to another. The Masters normally include the teachings that are based on their personal experience and expertise. 

Reiki Level 1: The first level deals entirely with the healing process as applied on the self. The lessons covered include the history of Reiki, the mythos that encompass it, the various associations that exist all over the world, and the traditions that have existed before and those that still exist in the present time. The lessons are also coupled with the teaching of the practical hand positions, their descriptions, their benefits, and the Reiki correspondences that make it applicable in healing pets, plants, family, and friends. This level emphasizes that the Reiki energy can rejuvenate both the self and other people. 

Reiki Level 2: A more advanced level, the Reiki symbols are revealed to the learners who have successfully passed the First Degree. The methods on how to utilize the symbols are imparted by the Masters to their students. Distance healing is also taught during this level. 

Reiki Level 3: This degree is known as the Personal Mastery level and is taught for the more prepared and more advanced students. The channeling of the Universal Spiritual Reiki Energy is imparted along with the balancing of the chakras, execution of some psychic surgeries to eliminate the bad blockages from the aura, and the establishment of the crystal grids to further transfer the Reiki energy to invite light, harmony, and peace into this world. The other more progressive steps in distance or absentee healing are also revealed. 

The Reiki Master Level: This applies to those who believe that they have been designed to teach the methodologies of Reiki. Prior to being admitted into this level, the person should acquire an advanced level of Personal Mastery. He should perform Reiki on a regular basis and the techniques taught in the third level must be proficiently executed. 

However, in this day and age, the schools or institutions that offer Reiki Training are sometimes offering up to seven Reiki levels. Reiki's evolution into various parts of the world and cultures has contributed much to the adaptations of the Usui Reiki system. 

Overall, the Reiki lesson is meant to transform an individual into a wiser, responsible, and good being.