The Reiki Music that I Use
When teaching my Reiki Students
and in my Reiki treatments.


I'm always asked by my students and clients the same question "What Reiki music do i use?" I use the same Reiki music for treatments and for my Reiki training classes, and below is not an affiliate link to Aeloiah's Healing Music For Reiki Vol 3;this is the music which i use.
Clicking the image or the link below it will take you to CDBaby were you can purchase the CD or MP3; I suggest you purchase the mp3 as it can be downloaded immediately to your computer, the mp3's can then be burnt to a cd which saves both money and time.
Reikiann is not affiliated with this site and will not receive any financial incentive if you purchase from the website, I am providing this for information only and to provide the best possible information to my clients and students.

Also below is a link to some free Reiki music, and is equally as relaxing, I use this music in the my video "the 5 Reiki Principles"; the music is used under Creative Commons license.

Music for Reiki Vol 3

Healing Music For Reiki Vol 3

Fluidscape by Kevin Macleod; scroll down the page until you find the song and then download it.