Dr Usui's 5 Reiki Principles
Or Precepts.


A short video of the 5 Reiki principles or Precepts as set out by Dr Mikao Usui including a sample of Reiki Music by Kevin Macleod. Live by these Reiki principles each and every day, and feel the stresses lift fom your life, you will soon notice how your outlook on daily life has changed for the better.



The Reiki Principles are....

Just For Today do not anger.

Just For Today do not Worry.

Just For Today count my blessings.

Just For Today show gratitude for every living thing.

Just For Today I will shine love and light.

There are many variations of the Reiki Principles, and the above principles are what I was taught during my Reiki Training, and are the principles which I teach to my students, I do not claim that the Reiki Principles listed are the exact word for word Reiki Principles of Dr Usui as there is no documented evidence of Dr Usui's exact Principles.